Managing Classes

In TrainEasy, classes are created independent of any courses or sessions. This way, you have the opportunity to reuse classes across multiple sessions or courses.

There are two types of classes in TrainEasy

  1. Online Class: These are classes that are to hold online. They can be added to Online courses or Training Sessions with online Classes. Online classes also have 'Lectures' associated with them. Lectures break down a class into multiple topics. A lecture must belong to a single class.
  2. Physical Location Class: These are classes that are intended to be held at physical locations. They can be added to Training Sessions or Training Sessions with online Classes.

Creating a class

To create a class, go to 'Classes'-'Add Class'

The add class form has the following fields:

  1. Class Name: The descriptive name of the class.
  2. Class Type: Use this to indicate if the class is an online or physical location class.
  3. Test Required: This option will appear if 'Online Class' is selected as the class type. If selected, it will force students to take a test before they can complete the class.
  4. Test: Sets the test required. It will only have an effect if 'Test Required' above is selected.
  5. Brief Description: A descriptive text describing the class.
  6. Enforce Lecture Order: This setting ensures that students can only view lectures in the order that you set.
  7. Introduction: This field applies only to online classes. Enter the introductory content for the student here.
  8. Class Groups: Class groups offer a convenient way to organize classes internally. This makes for easier sorting of classes during editing. Class groups are not visible to students.
  9. Sort Order: This sets the default sort order for the class. The sort order determines the position of a class relative to other classes in the assigned Session or Course. You can still set the sort order of a class on the session/course level. However, it is advisable to set them properly here as well.
  10. Cover Image: You can set a descriptive image of the class here.

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