Creating tests

TrainEasy comes with a powerful computer based testing (cbt) feature. With this feature, you can create tests/exams/quizzes for your students to take on the frontend. You can then generate a list of students that passed the test based on a passmark you set.

To create a new test, click on the ‘Tests’ menu option. Next, click on ‘Add Test’

On the ‘Add Test’ page, you will see the following fields/options

  1. Test Name: A short descriptive name of the test
  2. Instructions: Type in any instructions you would like students to read before taking the test.
  3. Status: This controls if the test becomes visible on the frontend or not.
  4. Pass Mark: Set this as a percentage i.e. 0-100. It sets the minimum score a student must make in order to pass the test.
  5. Time Allowed: This enables you to set a time limit for a test.
  6. Allow Multiple Attempts: This controls if a student can take the test multiple times.
  7. Private Test: Tests can be marked as private or public. Private tests are tests that are only available to students that are enrolled in sessions that specify the test as a requirement.

After you add a test, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can add new questions and options to your test

Clicking on the ‘Add Question’ button will bring up a pop up that will enable you to easily add a question

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