Social Login Setup: Facebook

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Click on the '+Add a New App' button

  3. On the popup box that comes up, click the 'Website' icon

  4. Type in the name of your website/company

  5. Fill in your contact email, select the shopping category and click the 'Create App ID' button.

  6. Scroll down and fill in your website address

  7. Click on the 'My Apps' dropdown at the top and click 'See All Apps'(Alternatively, simply go back to this url:

  8. Click on the new app you just created. You can already see the app's id. You can note this down.

  9. On the app's information page, you will see both the App ID and the App Secret. Click on the 'Show' button to view the code.

  10. Save both the App ID and App secret on the 'Configuration' tab on this page and you are done!
  11. Now you will need to make your app live on Facebook. Go back to Next click on the 'My Apps' dropdown at the top right. Select the app you just created.

  12. On the App's page, click on the 'App Review' button to the right.

  13. You will notice that your app is currently in Development mode. Change this to live.

  14. Next, you need to add your domain to your app. To do so, go to your app's page and click on the 'Settings' option to the right

  15. Add your app's domain name to the 'App Domains' field

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