TrainEasy has to ability to send SMS text messages to students. Instructors/Admins can create custom text messages to send to students enrolled into a session/course. Students can also receive reminder text messages about upcoming classes, homework and tests.

In order for TrainEasy to be able to send text messages, an SMS gateway needs to be configured. TrainEasy supports different SMS gateways and each gateway requires different parameters. Please note that, unlike email, SMS is not free. Hence you will need to add funds to your account on your chosen SMS gateway.

To enable sms notifications and configure a gateway, login to your TrainEasy backend and navigate to 'Settings'-'SMS Setup'

The first section of the SMS setup page allows you to enable or disable sms notifications for the entire system. You can also configure the sender name here.

The Sender Name is the name that recipients see as the sender of a text message. Some gateways allow you to set this while others do not. The sender name you set here will only be used if your Gateway allows you to configure the sender name via their api.

The next section on the SMS setup page is the list of SMS gateways supported by TrainEasy.

Simply click on the 'Install' button for the gateway you wish to use. You will be immediately redirected to the setup page for that gateway. You will need the credentials supplied by your provider. It may the a username and password pair or and api key. Save the credentials and you are done.

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