Security features to protect your data

We take security very seriously. Your data is precious and that is why we have put in place several security features to ensure the integrity and availabilty of your data at all times.
Some of our security features include:

  • Free SSL Certificates: We offer free secure urls for all sub-domains. This ensures that all data transmitted on your application is encrypted. Users who are using custom domains can also install their custom ssl certificates.
  • Encrypted Passwords: All passwords on the system are encrypted. Thus even our support staff are unable to login to your application without your permission!
  • Backups: We carry out system wide backups every day. We backup accounts a minimum of three times a week. We offer account restoration services in the event that your data is compromised
  • Anti Malware Scanners: Our servers utilize state of the art anti malware systems with prevent all types of malicious attacks
  • Server Firewalls: Our servers utilize state of the art firewalls to prevent brute force attacks and other forms of Cyber attacks


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