Icarella Nanny Training Institute

Icarella Nanny Training Institute is the training arm of Icarella Enterprises. Icarella needed a solution to enable them handle registration and enrollment for their upcoming Nanny training sessions. They needed a solution that online payment, attendance logging and an easily accessible session calendar for their prospective students. TrainEasy was an ideal fit and has been a great time saver to the organization.


Foundation of Faith (CCC)

Covenant Christian Centre's Foundation of Faith program organizes faith based teaching sessions every quarter of the year. It is a mandatory program for all intending volunteers and marriage couples in the Church. They needed a system that will help them keep track of the huge database of students that participate in the trainings each quater. They also needed the system to be able to track the attendance of each student so that other units and the central office can verify that intending volunteers marriage couples have completed the program before enlisting. TrainEasy provided all the features that they needed.

Covenant Capital Business School

Covenant Capital Business School provides entrepreneurial training to members of the public twice in a year. They needed a platform to enable them handle student enrollment, revision note management, attendance management and certificate list generation. They also needed and easy way for students to be able to communicate with instructors. TrainEasy came to the rescue and has streamlined all their activities.


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