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With our e-learning Instructional Design services, you can be sure that your online training content is created professionally.
We can help you create your online courses from start to finish using data that you supply to us. This service includes:

  • Course planning and creation
  • Creation of animated presentation videos
  • Creation of audio narrations
  • Creation of Tests and Quizzes
  • Creation of Downloadable resources
  • And lots more!

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Find below some sample explainer videos we have created.

Videos for e-learning

Max-migold Demo

Flipped classroom

Sign up Demo

Long Term Memory

Because each course is unique, pricing depends on the evaluation of the amount of man hours it will take to design and deploy the course. Please contact us in order to recieve a quote. Please describe your course as much as possible. We also encourage you to send us samples of your course material so that we can give you an accurate quote.

If an online course requires videos, these are the types of videos we create:

  • Whiteboard animations
  • Animated presentations
  • PC Screen grabbing Walkthrough Videos

Our policies for this service include:

  • Maximum revisions: We support a maximum of 3 revisions of a video. Extra revisions will incur extra charges
  • Video resources: Clients are required to supply the scripts for each video. Scripts are text documents containing the narrations of each video
  • Voice overs: Our pricing includes the voice overs for each video. However, clients can supply their own voice overs if desired


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