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Are you a training company looking to take your courses online and reach a wider audience? Look no further! TrainEasy is here to help you sell your courses online and revolutionize your training business.

With TrainEasy, you get access to a wide range of features designed to streamline your training process and enhance the learning experience for your students.

Course Management: Easily create, organize, and manage your courses with our intuitive course management system. Upload course materials, set deadlines, and track student progress all in one place.

Student Management: Keep track of your students' information, enrollment status, and performance with our comprehensive student management system. Communicate with them easily and provide personalized support.

Certificate Issuance: Automatically generate and issue certificates upon course completion. Build credibility for your programs and motivate your students to successfully complete their training.

Online Tests and Assessments: Create interactive quizzes and assessments to test your students' understanding. Track their performance and provide detailed feedback for improvement.

Homework Management: Assign and track homework assignments, ensuring your students practice what they have learned. Streamline the submission and grading process for maximum efficiency.

Attendance Management: Take attendance seamlessly with our integrated attendance management system. Keep track of student participation and ensure no one falls behind.

Live Classes with Zoom Integration: Engage your students with live virtual classes. Seamlessly integrate with Zoom and conduct interactive sessions for effective learning.

Mobile App Support: Access TrainEasy on the go with our mobile app support. Stay connected with your students and manage your courses anytime, anywhere.

Shopping Cart with Multiple Payment Gateways: Sell your courses effortlessly with our built-in shopping cart. Accept payment for courses and certificates via multiple payment gateways, providing convenience to your customers.

SMS Integration: Keep your students informed and engaged with SMS notifications. Send reminders, updates, and announcements directly to their phones.

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