Introducing TrainEasy: The Ultimate Training and Learning Management System for Training Companies

Are you a training company looking to expand your online presence and sell courses? Look no further! TrainEasy is the perfect solution for you. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, TrainEasy simplifies the process of managing and selling courses online.

Course Management

TrainEasy allows you to easily create, organize, and manage your courses. Whether you offer single courses or multiple course packages, TrainEasy offers a robust course management system that allows you to customize the course content, track student progress, and facilitate assessments.

Student Management

TrainEasy provides a simple and efficient way to manage your students. From enrollment to communication, TrainEasy streamlines the student management process. Keep track of enrollment records, communicate important announcements, and monitor student progress all in one place.

Certificate Issuance

With TrainEasy, you can effortlessly issue certificates to students upon course completion. Customize your certificate templates to reflect your brand, and automatically generate and distribute certificates to your students, saving you time and effort.

Online Tests and Assessments

TrainEasy offers a powerful online testing and assessment tool. Create quizzes, exams, and assignments to evaluate student learning. With customizable grading and feedback options, TrainEasy enables you to provide a comprehensive assessment of your students’ performance.

Homework Management

Simplify your homework management with TrainEasy. Create assignments, distribute them to students, and track submission and grading all within the platform. Keep your students engaged and accountable with timely reminders and notifications.

Attendance Management

Effortlessly manage student attendance with TrainEasy. Use the attendance tracking feature to record and monitor student attendance. Keep track of attendance statistics and generate reports to gain insights into the participation of your students.

Live Classes with Zoom Integration

Take your training to the next level with TrainEasy’s integration with Zoom. Conduct live classes, webinars, and virtual meetings seamlessly within the platform. Engage your students in real-time discussions and provide a more interactive learning experience.

Mobile App Support

TrainEasy is accessible anytime, anywhere, with its mobile app support. Students can easily access their courses, view materials, submit assignments, and participate in live classes through the TrainEasy mobile app. Stay connected and engaged with your students on the go.

Shopping Cart and Payment Integration

TrainEasy provides a seamless shopping cart experience for your students. They can easily add courses and certificates to their cart and proceed with secure payment. TrainEasy supports multiple payment gateways, ensuring a smooth and reliable payment process for your customers.

SMS Integration

Stay connected with your students using TrainEasy’s SMS integration. Send important updates, reminders, and notifications directly to your students’ mobile phones. Keep them informed and engaged throughout their learning journey.

With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, TrainEasy empowers training companies to sell courses online effectively. Expand your reach, enhance your training programs, and streamline your operations with TrainEasy. Try TrainEasy today and revolutionize your training business!

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