Introducing TrainEasy: The Ultimate Training and Learning Management System

Are you a training company looking to take your business to the next level? Look no further than TrainEasy, the premier online platform for course management and learning solutions. With a wide range of features designed to streamline your operations and enhance your students' learning experience, TrainEasy is the perfect solution for training companies of all sizes.

Course Management Made Easy

Gone are the days of manual course management. TrainEasy lets you easily create, manage, and publish online courses, making it simple to build and deliver engaging learning materials to your students. From course creation to enrollment management, TrainEasy has you covered every step of the way.

Efficient Student Management

Keep track of your students' progress and engagement with TrainEasy's intuitive student management system. From enrollment and registration to monitoring and tracking performance, TrainEasy provides you with all the tools you need to effectively manage your students and ensure their success.

Certificate Issuance

Reward your students' hard work and achievements with custom certificates issued through TrainEasy. Whether it's a completion certificate or a professional accreditation, TrainEasy automates the certificate issuance process, saving you time and effort.

Online Tests and Assessments

Assess your students' knowledge and skills with TrainEasy's comprehensive online testing and assessment tools. From quizzes to exams, TrainEasy makes it easy to create, administer, and grade assessments, providing you with valuable insights into your students' learning progress.

Seamless Homework Management

Simplify homework assignments and submissions with TrainEasy's integrated homework management system. Easily assign and track homework, provide feedback, and evaluate your students' performance, all within the TrainEasy platform.

Effortless Attendance Management

Track and manage student attendance effortlessly with TrainEasy's attendance management feature. Whether it's a physical classroom or a virtual session, TrainEasy's robust attendance tracking capabilities ensure accurate and reliable attendance records.

Live Classes with Zoom Integration

Take your training sessions to the next level with TrainEasy's seamless integration with Zoom. Conduct live classes, webinars, and virtual meetings directly within the TrainEasy platform, providing your students with a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Mobile App Support

Stay connected with your students anytime, anywhere with TrainEasy's mobile app support. Access course materials, participate in discussions, and stay updated on your students' progress, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Convenient Shopping Cart

Turn your training materials into a profitable venture with TrainEasy's shopping cart feature. Enable secure online payments for both courses and certificates, and offer your students a seamless shopping experience while maximizing your revenue.

Multiple Payment Gateways

With TrainEasy, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple payment gateways, allowing you to cater to a wide range of customers' preferences. Whether it's credit card payments, PayPal, or other popular payment methods, TrainEasy has you covered.

SMS Integration

Keep your students informed and engaged with TrainEasy's SMS integration. Send automated reminders, updates, and notifications directly to your students' mobile phones, ensuring effective communication and timely course updates.


Experience the power of TrainEasy and revolutionize the way you manage and deliver training. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, TrainEasy empowers training companies to drive success and exceed their students' expectations. Start your journey with TrainEasy today and unlock a world of opportunities for growth and innovation.

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