Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has been the buzz of L&D for years now, and with smartphone technology now the norm it is flourishing in the workplace. If youre going to introduce mobile learning, there is a wide range of things you need to consider, but first lets begin with the benefits and see what it can bring to your organisation.

Four benefits of mobile learning

1. Remote, field-based, and flexible working

As weve already said, flexibility is the key benefit of mobile learning. But with more and flexible hours, and in the field, mobile learning provides a seamless and consistent learning experience for everyone. Introducing mobile learning doesnt mean a mobile-only strategy, but it provides the option in a way that is consistent and reliable for everyone, regardless of when and how they work.

2. Promote a positive workplace learning culture

Putting this control back in the hands of your employees builds trust and can improve the learning culture within your organisation. While engagement levels increase, and continuous learning is encouraged, workplace learning can become a vital part of the working experience for everyone involved rather than the mandatory necessity it can often be viewed as.

3. Blended learning removes limitations

Introducing mobile learning allows for a more truly blended experience in the workplace. Blended learning initiatives can mean instructor-led training (ILT) and eLearning run parallel with each other, but mobile learning makes it far easier to introduce eLearning (or in this case mLearning) into the classroom or face-to-face environment. Creating a truly direct blended learning experience like this has been shown to increase both engagement levels and information retention.

4.Encourages continuous and self-directed learning

As we mentioned previously, using mobile in L&D encourages continuous and self-directed learning. These are both becoming more and more common in the day-to-day lives of employees, especially those under 30 who frequently use Google, YouTube, and other services to teach themselves everything from roasting a chicken to building software. Introducing mobile learning encourages this sort of learning to overlap into the workplace and allows your LMS to become a hub for all things workplace learning. Now weve explored the main benefits of mobile learning i hope you would implement it.

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05 Aug 2019

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