Top four ways to improve learning engagement

1. Clearly define learning objectives Learning objectives are a fantastic source of motivation on a number of levels within your organisation.

From keeping L&D in line with organisational KPIs to providing learners with a clear definable goal, objective setting is proven to improve engagement levels and boost completion rates of mandatory and non-mandatory training. Modern learners are motivated by development, both in their careers and personally.

This is why were seeing a spike in self-directed learning and upskilling in their own time goals, objectives, and the promise of development are vital in keeping employees engaged in their work, their training, and your organisation.

2. Encourage collaboration

Everyone knows the phrase two heads are better than one. While collecting ideas from a wide range of sources and problem solving in pairs or groups are great ways to get better work done more efficiently, collaboration is also vital for keeping engagement levels up in learning. Not only does it allow your employees learning. Not only does it allow your employees relationships based on trust, collaboration in the workplace increases loyalty to an organisation, improves workplace culture, and encourages employees to get actively involved in the learning process.

3. Facilitate user generated content

User generated content (UGC) is a fantastic, modern way to provide a new level of active participation in learning. Studies show that employees who feel their contribution is valued are more likely to progress within an organisation and stay in their employment for longer periods of time. UGC is widely used in the world of marketing as a free resource, and that benefit extends to L&D as well. Get your employees involved in creative projects that can not only help them stay more engaged but help your organisation as a whole UGC is a win-win.

4. Invest in a mobile-friendly LMS

Mobile learning and its numerous benefits have been shown to increase learning engagement levels and completion rates in a wide range of organisations. Well delve further into the impact of mobile learning on engagement levels a little later, but for now lets focus on the technology needed to make that happen.

A mobile-friendly LMS facilitates the flexibility that mobile learning creates. It empowers employees to take control of their own development as well as make the most of the resources you are creating and curating.

Wondering what the meaning of LMS is?, kindly watch the video below to learn about it.

06 Aug 2019

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