What Do Online Students Need?

After years of traditional classroom study, most students have questions about studying online. For those committing to more than one course (e.g. a program or degree), they may have even more questions. Here are some examples:

  • How does an online course work?

  • How does it compare to classroom study?

  • Does it require special technical knowledge?

  • Can I get help if I have technical problems?

  • Will there be help if I find I have problems with online study?

  • Will I feel isolated studying online? Will I miss out on

  • working together with students in a classroom?

  • How much of my time will an online course require compared to taking an on-site course?

Teachers should be able to answer the questions outlined above so that students feel confident about the process and its benefits. Standards of good online design are at the core of this process.

For students, signing up for an online course may be easy. Staying on track, managing their time, and being diligent are much more difficult. Give them guidance on how to:

  • develop the skills to be a great online student;

  • create an online presence;

  • apply techniques for interaction and appropriate communication;

  • work in groups and individually online;

  • understand the technological requirements and how to get technical support; and

  • manage their time in an online course.

Having these things observed keeps you on track as an online course provider.

23 Jul 2019

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