The Customer Journey

Sunny Lenarduzzi is an award-winning video, social media and online business strategist.

She built a successful business helping other companies utilize video marketing and social media effectively. As she started taking on more clients, she created YouTube videos for questions that she commonly received from them. and then sell her online course at the end of the boot camp.

The marketing of it was super fun because she did not do paid advertising. She did 10 days of live training, and every day we were teaching a different tip about YouTube. For the first week, it was just straight value. And then on the sixth day we pitched the program, and we had a 90% conversion rate.

Over time, her YouTube channel started gaining popularity and Sunny realized that she could create an online course around this. Thats how her YouTube for Bosses course was born. A 90 conversion rate is virtually unheard of but Sunny did this because she understood why people buy.

To launch her course, Sunny set up a live stream boot camp within her Facebook Group. Her plan was to provide a series of free training sessions. Every customer goes through a journey that culminates in buying your online course and achieving that transformation. They start in whats called an Awareness stage, where they are aware that they have a problem that needs solving.

As they start to explore possible solutions to that problem, they move into the Consideration stage.

And finally, when theyre ready to pick a solution, they move to the Decision stage.

Sometimes, telling people to buy your course by posting it online or putting it in an ad wont work, because most people are not yet in the Decision stage. Some are still considering solutions, other are only just aware that they have a problem, or not even.

That means you need to be reaching them at every stage of the journey, not just right at the end.

How customers decide to buy an online course. The reason Sunny was so successful was because she didnt pitch her course immediately. She first created YouTube videos for people in the Awareness stage.

They were aware of the fact that they needed to be utilizing video marketing, and Sunny was their source of information on this.

As they moved into the Consideration stage, where they considered different ways to incorporate video into their marketing, she invited them to the bootcamp. By showcasing her expertise, her viewers became convinced that Sunnys method was the solution they were looking for.

They were now in the Decision stage so when Sunny presented her online course as the solution they had already decided they were going to get it.

Now Sunny primarily used video, but you can use other content types blogs, podcasts, email, and so on. For example, when people are in the Awareness stage, you could give them a free checklist in exchange for their email. Then, via email, you could invite them to a webinar. Finally, on the webinar, you could pitch your course and send them to your sales page.

22 Jul 2019

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