Best practices of online training

Online learning can offer a wide range of benefits. However, the knowledge that a student is able to acquire this way depends not only on the course material that is offered but also the practices used to provide them with this information. Here are just a few of the best practices of online training which help to better facilitate the e-learning process:

A supportive community

Teachers and e-learning establishments should encourage a strong sense of community amongst their online students. This will enable students to interact with one another and the instructors, as well as with the resources provided, making for an enhanced educational experience!

Clear expectations

Students should be aware of what they will be receiving from the virtual class instruction, and both parties should know the preferred method of communication and delivery of the core curriculum. For example, a teacher may prefer to email assignments to students, while another might choose to deliver it via the e-learning site instead. Also, its best to have clear expectations about how long each item of coursework should take to complete.

Asynchronous and synchronous activities

Its important to incorporate activities that are more interactive, as well as those that require the student to brainstorm and research a topic in depth. This can be an important differentiator in a companys e-learning best practices mindset and thanks to the internet, students can now attend live virtual courses as well as complete coursework offline that can enable them to delve into a specific subject or skill set.

Effective usage of available resources

To get the most out of the online learning experience both the teacher and the student should take full advantage of the vast amount of resources that are available online. There are literally hundreds of online services that offer access to information, with Wikipedia being a prominent example. Instructors should seize the opportunity to enhance their content with online material or redirect students to additional web resources.

02 Nov 2018

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