New! Secure Video Streaming for your Courses!

We are excited to announce a very important new feature we have just launched on TrainEasy: Secure HD Video Streaming!

At TrainEasy, we realize that video is the heart of e-learning. When most people refer to taking an online course, the vast majority of them assume that video will make up the bulk of the e-learning experience. This is because Video has the ability to simulate face to face training more than any other medium.

Since inception, we have always supported adding videos to your online course content. However, the video had to be embedded from external sources such as Vimeo or Youtube. The main disadvantages of this were:

  • Vimeo: while Vimeo is a great video hosting platform, you will need to be on a paid Vimeo plan in order to benefit from features which are crucial for e-learning authors, most especially their privacy features. Without subscribing to a Vimeo plan, your videos can potentially be seen by anyone without enrolling/paying for your courses! Their lowest plan costs $12/month.
  • Youtube: YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform. It is also completely free to use. However, it does not provide any form of privacy setting for your video other than making them unlisted in the search results. So your content can easily be shared by anyone that has your video link. Also, the platform is Ad-supported, hence your students will have to view ads while taking your courses. This is very inappropriate for a paid course.

Due to these factors, we decided that TrainEasy needed its own video hosting feature. After many weeks of development, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of this feature to all subscribers. You can now upload videos directly from your TrainEasy account! This feature is available at no extra cost to new or current subscribers.

Our video stream experience is excellent as we use CDNs that provide extremely fast download speeds. This ensures your students have a seamless video playback experience!

We also use adaptive video streaming technology. This ensures that your videos are delivered in the quality that best fits the user's internet connection speed. Hence desktop and mobile users can all enjoy your videos in a reliable manner.

We also support multiple formats for video upload including mp4, wmv, avi, mpeg and flv. Our system will automatically convert your video into the appropriate format for web viewing.

As usual, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Do let us know what you think about this new offering.

20 Sep 2018

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