New! Track certificates with serial numbers

One of the major attractions of taking online courses (or enrolling for training) for students is the Certificate they are issued at the completion to a program. However, as a trainer, you will want to ensure that your certificates are not cloned buy unscrupulous individuals who did not actually take your courses. Because certificates are issued digitally, duplicating the appearance of a certificate is not an extremely difficult thing to do with today's graphic editing tools.

In light of this, we have added a new feature that enables you to add a unique serial number to each certificate that is issued by your TrainEasy powered training portal. Now you can keep a log of every student that downloaded your certificates. You can then search for an entry using the certificate serial number. The enables you to verify the authenticity of any certificate.

When designing certificates, there is now a 'Certificate Number' field as shown below:

You can place this field in the relevant section of your certificate.

Also, there is a new page where you can track certificates using the certificate number, the student name or email.

08 Aug 2018

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