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TrainEasy sends out a number of notifications to students. Reminders are sent for things like homework deadlines, upcoming classes, pending tests etc. These notifications are sent by email and optionally SMS. Hitherto, it was not possible for you to customize the content of these messages. However, we received feedback from users that it would be desirable to be able to modify the contents of these notification messages.

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new setting which makes it possible customize all the notifications sent by the system. You can customize both the Email and SMS messages sent out by the system. The ability to modify notifications is especially useful for SMS notifications. Sometimes, SMS notifications can occupy more than one SMS page (depending on the length of user-created values). This could result in higher SMS charges. With this new feature, you can alter the messages sent out to ensure that your messages only occupy one page.

Changing The Settings

To modify the notification messages, login to your backend and navigate to 'Settings'-'Notification Messages'

Clicking either the Email or SMS notification options shows all the available messages sent by the system.

Clicking 'Edit' for any message brings up the template edit page:

On this page, you can compose your own message. You can insert placeholders with will automatically get replaced with the corresponding values when the message is being sent. For example, entering:


Will result in something like

Dear John Doe

To view a list of all available placeholders, simply click on the 'Placeholders' tab. Please note that each message has its own unique set of placeholders so always ensure you use placeholders from that particular message's placeholder tab.

If you ever want to reset your message to its default value, simply click on the 'Default Message' tab and then click on the 'Restore Default' button

25 Jun 2018

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