E-learning mistakes to avoid (part 1)

In this short series, we'll be examining some common e-learning mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Skipping the Vital First Steps

Dont rush in, open your LMS, and immediately start to build training without giving it some thought. Picture an iceberg. The completed training that learners see (tip of the iceberg) is a culmination of many stages and elements (majority of the iceberg under water) that should be done if you want successful training. So, you need to prepare ahead of time.

How much preparation is required?

Lets take a look at whats vital during each step of the development process.

Dont Ignore the Analysis Stage

Make sure youre preparing for the actual learner audience. If you dont, its like dressing up for an outing but not knowing whether you are going for a funeral or party . You really want to know who your audience is and what you need to prepare for.

Know Your Audience and Its Needs

Too often, the audience and its needs are not taken into account. Many times a company builds learning for its audience without an understanding of what that audience really needs. Even if the training is well done, employees taking the training will reject it if they dont need the information, so the learning wont be useda huge waste of money.

Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of eLearning

eLearning has tons of benefits, but make sure each situation is appropriate for eLearning before you begin developing. For example, in some cases, a blended training approach (eLearning + Physical classes) may better suit the learning needed.

Create the Right Expectations

Know who your stakeholders are (the people expecting you to create quality eLearning), along with your learners and anyone else involved (like your boss). Make sure you set expectations with these people from the start. If you make a promise you cant fulfill, theyll be disappointed. Dont have a superman complex, thinking that you can finish everything without taking into account possible problems outside of your control. Its always better to under promise and over delivernot to do the opposite.

23 May 2018

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