Introducting the new TrainEasy lecture quiz feature!

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new feature on TrainEasy: Lecture Quizzes!

A learning experience is only worthwhile if it gives learners tools and skills they can use in the real world. The best way to check to see the progress of learners is by presenting them with a test. In elearning, there are two types of assessments: formative and summative.

Formative Assessments and Knowledge Checks

A formative assessment tests learners to see if theyve retained key pieces of information over a short amount of time. These types of assessments require the learner to recall information. The most common application of a formative assessment is a knowledge check or quiz that isnt graded. A knowledge check typically offers immediate feedback and is used to solidify the learners knowledge on the subject.

Summative Assessments and Performance Testing

A summative assessment takes place over a larger span of time or information. The most common application of a summative assessment in eLearning is a formal test. A test typically doesnt offer any feedback and usually includes some type of performance testing. Performance testing determines a learners level of mastery and proficiency when completing authentic processes, problems, or tasks. Learners must utilize a diverse range of skills and their pre-existing knowledge base to tackle the challenge on their own, and prove that they are able to apply previously learned information in real-world environments.

TrainEasy has supported Summative Assessments since inception. However, we have just added a new feature that enables Instructors easily create Formative Assessments for their students. This is a dynamic feature with lots of configuration options! With this feature, quizzes can be created at any point in a lecture alongside other content. Hence students will not need to leave the lecture page to take the quiz.

To get started using the quiz feature, when adding content to a lecture, click on the new 'Quiz' option.

Here are some screenshots of the quiz creation page:

As usual, we will greatly appreciate your feedback on this new feature.

24 Apr 2018

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