New Feature! Create online courses from PowerPoint/ODP files

We have had many requests for a feature that allows Admins/Instructors to be able to create online course classes directly from PowerPoint files. We are excited to announce that this is now possible.

We realized that this feature was an important one as many instructors have resources in PowerPoint format. Hiterto, the only way to use PowerPoint files in your online courses was to upload them as lecture/class resources. Students had to download such files to their devices before they could consume them.

With this new feature, you can import a PowerPoint or ODP file directly as a lecture. The system will convert all slides into high quality images and then create lecture pages for each slide using the new 'Image' lecture content type. Students will be able to view the slides in fullscreen as a slideshow. Mobile device users can even easily swipe images.

To get started using this feature, simply select the 'Import PowerPoint/ODP' menu option when adding content to a lecture:

20 Apr 2018

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