New Feature! Create online courses directly from PDF files

We are excited to announce an important new feature on TrainEasy. Based on feedback, we have created an easy way to import your existing PDF training resources when creating online courses.

Hiterto, the only way to use PDF files in your online courses was to upload them as lecture/class resources. Students had to download such files to their devices before they could consume them.

However, with this new update, you can import the content of a pdf file directly as a lecture. They system will import text and images from each page of the document and create corresponding lecture pages for the class you specify.

The great thing about PDF is that you can export other files such as Word Documents, Powerpoint slideshows etc into this format. So if your training resources are currently in non-pdf formats, simply export them as pdf (using your regular editor) and then you can upload them to TrainEasy.

The PDF import tool also comes with options for specifying content you want to extract from a PDF file. You can choose to import all pages from the file, a range of pages (e.g. 30 to 100) or specific pages you choose (e.g. 1,5,6,10).

To get started using this tool, simply click the 'Import PDF' option in the same dropdown you use to add content (e.g. Text , Video) to a lecture.

We will appreciate your feedback as you begin to use this feature. We hope it makes it easier and faster for you to create your online courses.

12 Apr 2018

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