A Complete Training Management Solution

Do you organize training programs at physical locations? Would you like to have a web based solution that handles registration, payment, enrollment, attendance management, certificate list generation and more? Look no further! TrainEasy is your one-stop solution for managing your training program!

  • Cloud or Self Hosted
  • Student Frontend & Admin Backend
  • Session Management
  • Class Management
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Management
  • Online Tests/Assessments
  • Blogging & Content Management
  • And Lots More!

A Comprehensive Student Front end

TrainEasy comes with a flexible front end for your students and visitors. The Front end is the publicly accessible part of the application that enables students to register, enroll for sessions, browse classes, view class schedules, take tests etc. This can also serve as your main website because it has full content management and blogging features.

  • Full content management
  • Session calendar
  • Customizable registration form
  • Student/Instructor private discussion feature
  • Student enrollment
  • Online Tests/Assessments
  • Online payment for enrollment
  • Class Attendance History
  • Blog
  • Contact Form

A Powerful Admin Back end

TrainEasy's Admin Backend is a powerful multi-user application that enables administrators and instructors to easily manage training your programs. Features include:

  • Student Managements
  • Attendance Management
  • Session Management
  • Class Management
  • Payment/Transaction Management
  • Revision Notes Management
  • Discussion Management
  • Test Management
  • Blog & Article Management
  • Front end Customization

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