A Complete Training & Learning Management System

Do you organize training programs online or at physical locations? If yes, then TrainEasy is the perfect software for running and managing your entire training program!

  • Cloud Based
  • Student Frontend & Admin Backend
  • Online Training
  • Session & Course Management
  • Class Management
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multi-currency support
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Management
  • Online Tests/Assessments
  • Blogging & Content Management
  • And Lots More!

TrainEasy is the ultimate LMS for small businesses

From the Blog

How Personalization in e-Learning works

Personalized Learning is the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments to meet the needs and learning styles of individual learners. Personalization is broader than justindividualizationordifferentiationin that it affords the learne...

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Micro-learning and its advantages for amazing e-Learning

A term that is being mentioned quite often as of late, especially in corporate e-learning environments, is micro-learning. This teaching approach can provide a wide range of benefits to students/employees, as well as employers/instructors. This...

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